Welcome to pagination.js

Page headers, footnotes, pagenumbers, multi columns, TOC, using CSS Regions


  1. Download a recent version of Chromium/Chrome (29+) or Safari 6.1/7.0
  2. If you use Chrome/Chromium:
  3. Read the "Notice" below so you know what to look for and then
  4. Check out the simple test book, a book with many chapters, or a book with a very long chapter, top floats.


You can find a screenshot of the last test here.


  1. There are multiple numbered "pages"
  2. The TOC is generated from the H1 tags and includes the page number the tag occurs on.


For configuration options, check the sourcefile pagination.js.


In order to insert a footnote into the source text, simply insert it as a span with a class 'pagination-footnote', such as <span class='pagination-footnote'><span><span>This a footnote</span></span></span>. See also the source code of the Test Page.


pagination.js is licensed under the AGPL license. For further information, check LICENSE.txt.